What is Haj Committee of India?

Haj Committee is a body constituted under the Act of Parliament No.35 of 2002.

What is C.G.I., Jeddah (Consulate General of India - Jeddah)?

The Consulate General of India is a foreign office stationed in Jeddah City of the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, functioning under the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

What is State Haj Committee?

State Haj Committees are constituted by the respective State Governments.

What is the relationship between State Haj Committees with Haj Committee of India?

All State Haj Committees have administrative relationship report to the Central Haj Committee, Mumbai.




What is the role of Haj Committee of India in India?

Haj Committee of India is empowered by the Government of India to make arrangements for Indian Pilgrims only in India, under the present Norms. These arrangements include announcement for Haj, floating Haj Applications with the help of State Haj Committees, arrangement of bank for procurement of foreign exchange, arrangement of accommodation for the Pilgrims in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the help of Consulate General of India, Jeddah, finalization of air journey i.e. arrangement of flight tickets (to & fro journey) for the Pilgrims traveling from various Embarkation Points(with the help of M/o Civil Aviation).  Formation & implementation of various Policies for the benefit of Haj Pilgrims, Orientation / Training of Haj Pilgrims with the help of State Haj Committees.

What is the role of Haj Committee of India in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

The role of Haj Committee of India in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is to monitor the facilities made available to the Pilgrims; in case of shortcomings bring it to the notice of the concerned agencies and to get the same redressed.  Thus, the role of Haj Committee of India is limited to advisory level in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

What is the role of State/Union Territory Haj Committees?

The role of State/UT Haj Committee begins from the  initial stage of making Haj Application Forms available to intending Pilgrims of their respective States,  receiving Haj Applications, scrutinizingthese Haj Application Forms, preparation of Data, forwarding of Haj Applications, remittances & Data of Pilgrims in the prescribed format to Haj Committee of India, Orientation & Training of Pilgrims and implementing various directives issued by the Haj Committee of India for the Haj Pilgrims.

What is the role C.G.I., Jeddah (Consulate General of India - Jeddah) with regard to Haj Pilagimage?

The responsibility to look after all Indian Haj Pilgrims upon reaching Jeddah / MadinahMunawwarah Airport is that of the Consulate General of India – Jeddah. Besides this, it also maintains liaison with the Haj Committee of India, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India, State Haj Committees, especially those handling Embarkation Points, MaktabulWukula Al-Muwaheed, Jeddah and other allied agencies involved in the Haj pilgrimage.



What is Haj Announcement?

Haj Committee of India publishes Announcement of various policies, decisions taken by the Government for Haj and the guidelines formulated by Haj Committee of India in the light of the above policies and thereby floats Applications for Haj through selected Newspapers and electronic media. This is termed as Haj Announcement.

What is Haj Application Form? How do you fill the Haj Application?

Haj Application Form is a set of detailed information required to be filled in by the intending Pilgrim for primary registration for Haj Pilgrimage for the particular year in the light of Haj Guidelines formulated for the purpose.

What is Haj Guidelines?

Haj Guidelines is available in the shape of a small booklet, which contains a set of detailed information about various aspects of Haj, dos’&donts’ for the intending Pilgrims besides information about how to fill the Haj Application for the Haj Pilgrimage. It is Imperative on the part of each applicant to thoroughly go through Haj Guidelines before filling-up the Haj Application Form.

What is Registration / Cover No.?

Cover No. consists of the following parts :- 1) State Code (for example)  : DL for Delhi 2. ‘F’ for general / ‘R’ for reserved category 3) Serial Order of Registration (for example)  : 1079 4) No. of applicants in the Cover (for example)  :   3 5) No. of Infants  (for example)  : 1 The sum of the above would appear as COVER NO.  DLF-1079-3-1/ DLR-1079-3-1.

How many persons can apply in one cover?

Not more than FIVE Adult Pilgrims (plus) two Infants are allowed to apply in one cover.

Can intending Pilgrims having no close relationship with each other apply in one cover?

No. Persons having close relationship only can apply in one cover.

Can a cover be split?

No, Cover once generated through computer will not be split in any case.

Can a person apply from more than one State / U.T. or apply more than once from same State / U.T. What will happen if somebody does so?

No, all such applications shall be summarily rejected and will not be considered in any state/UT. The entire amount deposited by them shall be forfeited

Is it compulsory to attach a photocopy of the International Passport while submitting the Haj Application? Yes.
What are the number and size of the photographs to be submitted alongwith the International Passport?

Latest passport size (3.5 cms. X 3.5 cms) colour photographs of front pose having white background needs to be submitted alongwith International Passport.

What is Haj Committee Quota?

Quota is number of seats made available by the  Government of India to the Haj Committee of India

What is State Quota?

State Quota is the total number of Haj Seats allotted to each state in proportion to the Muslim Population of that State as per census.

What is Reserved Quota?

The Haj seats kept reserved to accommodate certain categories of pilgrims are called Reserved Quota.




Who can apply for Haj Pilgrimage?

Any Indian Muslim, who is sound in health and can bear the expenses of the Haj Pilgrimage can apply for Haj.

In the light of major change introduced by the Government for Haj – 2013, any Muslim who have not performed Haj in the earlier years through Haj Committee of India is only eligible to apply for Haj 1434 (H) – 2013 under the auspices of Haj Committee of India.

Who cannot apply for Haj?

The following are ineligible to apply for Haj:: 1)      All Non–Muslims, 2)   Any Muslim Citizen not in possession of Valid Passport i.e. issued on or before 20.03.2013 and valid atleast upto 31.03.2014. 3)   Person who performed Haj in the earlier years through Haj Committee of India, 4)  Persons suffering from Polio, Tuberculosis, Congestive Cardiac & Respiratory Ailments, Acute Coronary Insufficiency, Coronary Thrombosis, Mental Disorder, Infectious Leprosy, AIDS and / or any other communicable diseases or handicaps, 5)      Lady not accompanied by a Mehram, 6)      Lady in the advanced stage of  pregnancy, 7)    Person against whom any Court Order prohibiting him / her from undertaking foreign travel.

Who is Repeater?

Repeater is a person, who has performed the Haj throughthe Haj Committee of India in the earlier years..

Can a Repeater apply for Haj?

No. There is a total BAN on repeaters applying for Haj.

What if a Repeater makes an application for Haj – 2013 by furnishing false / incorrect information?

If anyone found to have furnished false / incorrect information in this regard, he would be strictly dealt with.  His / her entire deposited amount shall be forfeited. And he / she will be prosecuted for making a false declaration. This restriction applies even for the performance of Haj-e-Badal




How can we obtain the Haj Application Form?

Haj Application Forms can be obtained either from the office of the State/UT Haj Committee or can be downloaded from the website of Haj Committee of India [www,hajcommittee.com].

What needs to be done after obtaining the Haj Application Forms?

Thoroughly read the Guidelines and Instructions part printed on the Haj Application Form, fill the Haj Application accordingly, visit the nearest branch of State Bank of India and deposit (non-refundable) payment @ Rs.300/- per applicant towards Registration Fee, submit the Haj Application in the office of the respective State Haj Committee and obtain Cover No. (Registration No.).

Is it true that each Pilgrim should fill in Haj Application Form in Duplicate? Yes. It is absolutely True.
How can we submit our Haj Application without any difficulty?

The Cover Head shall make a cover of all the applications duly completed in all respects in terms of Guidelines for Haj and submit it to the State / Union Territory Haj Committees.

Who is Cover head (Group Head)?

Cover head (Group Head) is a MALE person, whose application shall be given the first serial number in a particular cover.  He shall bear the full responsibility of the other applicants registered in his cover.

Can a lady be the Cover head?

No.  Only a male can be the head of the Cover.

Can two or more covers be re-grouped? No.
Who is eligible to apply for Reserved “A” Category?

Applicant who completes 70 years of age or above as on 31st January, 2013 is eligible to apply for Haj 2013 under Reserved “A” Category.

Can a 70+ Person can apply for Haj alone.

No.  He / She cannot apply for Haj without a Companion.

Who is a companion?

A companion is the nearest relative of the Pilgrim. For 70+ category companion shall be husband/wife, brother/sister, son/daughter, son-in–law/daughter- in- law, Grand son/ Grand Daughter, Nephew/Niece only.

Can a companion avail separate flight date? No.
Who is a Nominee?

For Haj Pilgrimage, a Nominee is a person nominated by the Haji appropriately in the Haj Application Form, who can be contacted in India in case of any emergency.

Who is a Mehram?

The male companion of a Lady Pilgrim(s) during the entire course of Haj journey (as described in SHARIAT), is called a Mehram.

What should I do with the Solemn Declaration and Undertaking printed on the back of each copy of Haj Application provided to me?

Every Haj Applicant is compulsorily required to sign or impress thumb on the Solemn Declaration and Undertaking after carefully reading the same.

What is the meaning of Last Date?

The last date fixed for the receiving of Haj Application Forms in the office of respective State / U.T. Haj Committees is called the Last Date.

What is the last date for submission of Haj Application Form for Haj 1434 (H) – 2013.

The last date for submission of Haj Application Form for Haj 1433 (H) – 2013 has been fixed as20th March, 2013.

What is the last date for submission of Passport by the Pilgrims under Group One?

The last date for submission of Valid International Passports by the Pilgrims under Group One has been fixed as 20th March, 2013.

What is the last date for submission of Passport by the Pilgrims under Group Two

The last date for submission of Valid International Passports by the Pilgrims under Group Two has been fixed as 20th May, 2013.

What facilities are available for NRIs / Frequent Flyers / Businessman &Umrah Pilgrims?

The NRIs / frequent flyers / businessman / Umrah Pilgrims / official / medical / family visits etc. can be exempted from submitting original passport at the time of Haj Application.  They need to submit self-attested copy of Passport alongwith an application giving cogent reason for late submission of Passport.

We have applied for Haj 2013.  One person in our Cover is an NRI. Can we submit our International Passport late as is allowed to the NRI of our Cover?

No.  All Pilgrims barring NRI must submit their Paassports within the prescribed time limit, failing which their Haj Application shall liable to be cancelled.

What if I do not submit within the stipulated time?

It would lead to cancellation of your Haj journey.

What is Qurrah? Qurrah means draw of lots.
HowQurrah is conducted?

Cover numbers are randomly selected by the computer using specific software.

Where Qurrahis applicable?

Qurrah is held in certain States / U.Ts., where the number of Haj Applications received in excessof their allotted Haj Quota.

INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT (importance & necessity)



What is the importance of having valid International Passport.  Is it compulsory for each Haj Applicant to have Valid International Passport?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has intimated that Haj Visa will be endorsed on International Passport only. Hence, every Haj Applicant must have valid International Passport.

What should be the validity of International Passport for making Application for Haj 1433 (H) – 2013?

The International Passport issued on or before 20/03/2013 and valid atleast upto 31/03/2014 is a MUST for making Application for Haj 1433 (H) – 2013.

Who should submit International Passport alongwithHaj Application Form?

All Group OnePilgrims should submit International Passport alongwith Haj Application Form.

What is Group One?

Group One consists of all Pilgrims registered under Reserved Categories and under-quota States.

Which States are under-quota States?

Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Tripura & West Bengal are under-quota States.

Does  submission of original Passport alongwith Haj Application Form guarantee provisional selection?

No. In case of receipt of excess applications than allotted quota in the under quota states and in Reserved (A & B) Categories, Qurrah shall be conducted to provisionally select the Hajis. Hence applicants under Group One cannot claim provisional selection as a matter of right.

What is Group Two?

All Pilgrims registered under General Category (except) under-quota States are included in Group Two.

Is it compulsory for Group Two Pilgrims to submit original International Passport alongwith Haj Application Form?

No.  However, they will be required to submit self-attested copy of Valid International Passport alongwith Haj Application Form.

How many photographs are required to be submitted?

One Colour photograph (size 3.5 X 3.5 cms.) having white background is required to be stapled on the back-side of Passport back cover and submitted to State Haj Committee.

Where one can submit his / her original International Passport, original copy of remittance receipt(s) and the latest photographs.

In the office of the respective State / U.T. Haj Committee.

Can Pilgrims registered under one Cover be allowed to submit their Passport separately?

No. Cover head is required to collect all the necessary documents viz. International Passport, latest photographs of each pilgrim in the cover and their original copy of remittance receipt(s) of advance Haj amount of Rs.76,000 and submit the same in the office of respective State / U.T. Haj Committee and obtain proper receipt thereof and preserve this receipt till the end of their Haj journey.  It is better to get a photocopy of this receipt and distribute the same among all applicants of that particular cover for record purposes.

Is International Passport mandatory for Haj Pilgrimage through Haj Committee of India? If so, what should be the validity of such Passport?

Yes, valid International Passport is mandatory for applying for Haj – 2013.  The Passport should be valid uptoat least 31st March, 2014,otherwise the Haj Application will not be accepted.

Can a Passport once submitted in Haj Committee of India be obtained for business / Umrah / other Visit abroad?

Yes. It is possible to take back the original passport on producing the required documents indicating the purpose of visit abroad provided HAJ VISA has not been endorsed on the Passport.




What is the meaning of the term “Provisionally selected”?

Provisionally selected means SELECTED IN QURRAH (Draw of Lots) for time being subject to other conditions.

What is the meaning of the term “Rejected”.

Rejected means NOT SELECTED IN QURRAH.  This term is also used for the non- selection of REPEATER Haj Applicants.

What is the meaning of the term “Waiting List”?

A Separate draw of lots of non selected  covers will be held to allocate waiting list number to all such covers.

How and when do the Waiting List Applications get the Provisionally Selected status?  

Haj Committee of India / State Haj Committee receive few requests for CANCELLATION from the Provisionally Selected Pilgrims. In addition to this, the Government may increase the Haj Quota by allotting some additional Haj Seats. These vacant seats are filled up by provisionally selecting the Waiting List Applications. Waiting List applications are provisionally selected strictly according to their serial order in the Waiting List.

When does a Provisionally Selected Pilgrim get the CONFIRMED Status?

The provisionally selected pilgrim, after the submission of his / her valid International Passport alongwith the remittance receipt for the amount @ Rs.76,000/- per head within the prescribed last date would be granted Confirmed Statusafter scrutiny by HCOI.

What is Reserved “A” Category?

Reserved “A” Category covers applications of 70+ Pilgrims (as on 31st January, 2013 - for Haj – 2013) along with one companion

What is Reserved “B” Category?

Persons whose applications have been rejected continuously for last three years or could not proceed for Haj during Haj 2010, Haj 2011 & Haj 2012 will be registered under this Category.

Who can apply under Reserved Quota?

The following are eligible to apply under the Reserved Quotaprovided they have not performed Haj earlier either through HCOI/PTO or by any other means :-

  1. Haj Applicants above the age group of 70 years (as on 31.01.2013).
  2. Haj Applicants who have continuously applied for Haj for the last three years (i.e 2010,2011&2012)and were not selected  in the Qurrah.
Can a person applying under the Reserved Category be directly given the Provisionally Selected status.

No. Because Qurrah would be conducted in case the  number of Haj Applications received under the Reserved Category exceeds the number of Haj Seats allotted to a particular State / U.T.

What is Government Quota?

Out of the total quota of the Haj Committee of India, certain seats are earmarked under Government Reserved Quota by the Government of India.

What is the difference between General Category and Government Quota?

The quota allotted to the State / Union Territories Haj Committees for the selection of the pilgrims of their state through Qurrah is called the General Category and the Haj seats released by the Ministry of External Affairs is called Government Quota.

What special facilities are available in the Government Quota?

The facilities in the General Category and the Government Quota are the same. No special facilities are available in Government Quota.

NON-RESIDENT INDIANs (N.R.Is.) ONLY – Additional Information  



Who is an NRI Haj Applicant?

An NRI Haj Applicant is a person who is a citizen of India but not staying in India and has applied for the Haj Pilgrimage.

What is the procedure for NRIs regarding submission of International Passport?

The NRI Haj Pilgrim residing abroad is required to submit the following documents :

  1. Self-attested Copy of Passport.
  2. Copy of Working / Residing Visa.
  3. Copy of Employment Letter showing working in that country.
What is the last date for NRIs to submit their International Passport etc.

The selected NRI Haj Pilgrim residing abroad should submit the passport by31stAugust, 2013.

Where should the NRI Haj Pilgrims submit their International Passport etc.

NRI Haj Pilgrims should submit the passport directly in the office of the respective State/UT Haj




How can a Pilgrim cancel his / her Haj journey?

The pilgrim should submit / forward his / her Cancellation Letter, duly signed, preferably by the Cover Head also in the office of the respective State Haj Committee.

Can a Cancelled Pilgrim be revoked? If yes, how? If no, why?

No. The vacancy due to cancellation received from provisionally selected / confirmed pilgrims is filled up with the wait-listed pilgrims.

Is substitution allowed?

Substitution is allowed with respect to the Mehram cases only, subject to availability of Haj Seats.




What is the concession I will get under the Government Quota?

The amount charged under the General Category and the Government Quota is the same. There is no concession in the amount charged from Government Quota Pilgrims.

When should I apply under the Government Quota?

After your cover does not get selected in the draw of lots i.e. only rejected Haj Applicants should apply for the Government Quota Haj Seats.

Where should I send my application for applying under the Government Reserved Quota?

The Under Secretary (Haj), Government of India, Room No.411, 4th Floor, Indian Society of International Law (ISIL) Building, Bhagwan Das Road, New Delhi – 110 001.

How do I know about the release of Haj Seat(s) under Government Quota?

The Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi releasesthe Haj Seats in favour of intending Pilgrims and forwards the lists of selected applicants under Government Quota to the Haj Committee of India. The same is also displayed on the website of Haj Committee of India for the information of the selected applicants.

What should I do after the release of Government Quota Haj Seat(s) in my favour?

You should forward Passport(s) and original copy of deposited amount(s) receipts to your respective State Haj Committee or Haj Committee of India.

Can a person who has already performed the Haj Pilgrimage through the Haj Committee of India earlier apply for selection under the Government Reserved Quota? No.
Which accommodation category will be allotted to me in Government Quota?

Accommodation category of Government Quota Pilgrims is decided on the basis of the availability of accommodation units in a given category.

What amount is charged as Processing Fee?

Rs.300/- per Pilgrim.

Is the amount charged as Processing Fee is refundable?

No. Processing Fee is Non-Refundable.

Where can I pay the Processing Fee?

The Processing Fee should be deposited in Haj Committee’s Power Jyoti Account No.32749477270 maintained with State Bank of India through Core Banking System using Pay-in-slip (pink colour) for payment of Rs. 300/- per applicant.

Please  let  me  know  the  Account  Number  for  making payment  of Rs. 300/- towards Processing Fee?

The Account Number is already printed on the pay-in-slip (pink colour) for Haj 1434 (H) – 2013.  However, for information, the  account  number  for the  payment of processing fee is Power Jyoti Account No.32749477270(Account number of the Haj Committee),  maintained   with  the  State Bank of  India, Mumbai Main Branch, Mumbai.

What is Advance Haj amount?

For Haj – 2013, Rs.76,000/- per head has been fixed as Advance Haj amount.

What is the last date for payment of Advance Haj Amount for Haj – 2013?

20th May, 2013.

What is Balance Haj amount?

Haj Committee of India finalises the exchange rate for Indian Rupee in terms of Saudi Riyal through the tender process. The entire amount is calculated on the basis of this rate of exchange after taking into consideration the ACCOMMODATION Category opted by the particular pilgrim. The balance amount after deduction of Rs.76,000/- from this calculated amount is called BalanceHaj amount.

What is the last date for payment of Balance Haj Amount for Haj – 2013?

28thJune , 2013.

What is Transaction ID (Bank Journal No.)?

This column will be filled-up by the branch of State Bank of India, where the Pilgrim will deposit the amount towards Advance / Balance Haj Amount.

Can the photo copy of the pay-in-slip be used to deposit the amount in the State Bank of India?

Yes, there are no restrictions against using the photo copy of the pay-in-slip. It can also be down-loaded from the website of Haj Committee of India www.hajcommittee.com

What is the purpose of writing the Mobile Number in the pay-in-slip?

In case of wrong entry by the applicant or by the bank official, the applicant can easily be contacted to rectify the error. Important information regardingHaj journey is also given to the Pilgrims through SMS.

What is the last date for making the payment of the Processing Fee?

The last date for accepting Processing Fee towards Application For Haj – 2013 by the Bank has been fixed as 20th March, 2013 by the Haj Committee of India.

Will State Bank of India accept the amount of Processing Fee after Closing Date for submission of Haj Application Form?

No amount will be accepted by the Bank after the closing date.

What is Bank Reference Number?

It is an alphanumeric number allotted to each provisionally selected Cover.  State / Union   Territory Haj   Committee,   in the provisional   selection   letter communicate this number.   The   number   must be quoted compulsorily for depositing Advance / Balance Haj Amount in the bank pay-in-slip meant for the purpose. e.g. if the cover number of the Pilgrims has been registered as APF – 1234 – 2 – 0 or APR – 1234 – 2 – 0, then the Bank Reference Number will be: Year of travel followed by the State Code, followed by the Category (fresh or reserved category, ‘F’ or ‘R’) and lastly the cover number allotted to the Pilgrims by the State / Union Territory Haj Committee. Accordingly, the Reference Number will be marked as: 2012APF1234 or 2012APR1234.

What is the procedure for payment of  Advance Haj Amount (Green Slip)?

All selected Pilgrimsof  Haj  1434  (H)  –  2013   should  pay  Rs. 76,000/-  as   advance  Haj   Amount  and Miscellaneous  Dues  ( Green Slip )   in   the  Haj  Committee  of   India’s  Bank Account   No.   “FEE TYPE – 25”, maintained   with State    Bank   of   India, through Core Banking System available across various branches of  State Bank of India,  having  this facility.  It is to be noted that, no Bank Draft / Cash will be accepted by the Haj Committee of India. The Bank  Reference Number has to be  recorded  in  the  pay-in-slip, before  submitting  the  same  to  the Bank. Transaction ID (Bank Journal No.)  will be entered by the  State  Bank  of India. The   pay-in-slip  (Green colour)  for  advance  /   balance Haj Amount  is Attached  in  the  guidelines  booklet  (last page).  The copy marked for the Haj Committee of India should be forwarded to this office for reference and record. The Pilgrim  copy  has  to  be  retained by the pilgrim, as it will be  required  to   be  submitted  at  the  time  of  completion  of  booking formalities.

What if I fail to makepayment  of  Airfare  &Balance  Haj Amount (Green Slip) within the stipulated time?

The last date for the payment of Airfare and Balance Haj Amount (Green Slip) in Haj Committee of India’s Bank Account No. “FEE TYPE – 25” maintained with State   Bank   of   India is 28th June, 2013. The Pilgrims are requested to strictly follow the dates as mentioned in the Guidelines to avoid any hardship, otherwise the Pilgrim shall lose the confirmed Haj Seat and Wait-listed application will be considered against these seats. The copy marked for the Haj Committee of India should be forwarded to this office for reference and record. The  Pilgrim  copy  has  to  be   retained  by the pilgrim, as  it will be  required  to   be  submitted  at  the  time  of  completion  of  booking formalities.

How can I confirm that the payment made by me towards Advanve / Balance Haj Amount has been credited against my Cover Number?

For the confirmation details please refer to our website: http://www.karhaj.in

Who is to be contacted, in case of any difficulty / doubt?

Please contact the State Bank of India, Mumbai Main Branch for inquiry / doubt on Mobile No. 9930766530.

Will I get Foreign Exchange? How much?

As per the present policy, each Pilgrim is entitled to a cash amount of SAR 2,100 against payment in Indian Rupees. The same will be handed over to the Pilgrim by the designated Bank, before their departure at the Airport. The Pilgrims can procure extra foreign exchange either from the bank or from any authorized foreign exchange dealer on their own.




What is Accommodation Category?

Haj Committee of India procures accommodation units according to the requirement in each category through Consulate General of India, Jeddah.  Usually, Accommodation Units are categorized in terms of their distance from the outer periphery of Haram Sharief.

How many types of Accommodation Categories are there for Haj – 2013 in MakkahMukarramah?

There are two categories for the Pilgrims of Haj – 2013.  These are :

1. Green

(buildings which fall within a 1500 meters radius from the outer periphery of Haram Shareif)

2. Aziziya

(buildings located within Aziziya area of MakkahMukarramah)

What are the accommodation rentals for GREEN Category(MakkahMukarramah)?

GREEN Category      =          SAR.4500/- per Unit.

What are the accommodation charges for AZIZIYA Category (MakkahMukarramah)?

AZIZIYA Category   =          SAR.2630/- per Unit (including transportation)

Can Accommodation Category be changed?

No.  Accommodation Category once opted for will not be changed.  However, in case of need, Haj Committee of India has the discretion to upgrade / downgrade the Accommodation Status.

How many types of Accommodation Categories are there for Haj – 2013 in MadinahMunawwarah?

There is a uniform category of Accommodation in MadinahMunawwarah.

What are the accommodation rentals at MadinahMunawwarah?

Saudi Riyals 500/- per pilgrim.

What is the meaning of Exemption Category?

Pilgrims not availing accommodation provided by Haj Committee of India and making accommodation arrangements by obtaining Allotment Letters from any legitimate Rubats come under the Exemption Category.

What is Rubat? How many Rubats are available for the Indian Pilgrims in MakkahMukarramah?

Some buildings in MakkahMukarramah&MadinahMunawwaray which have been Wakfed (donated) by some Nawabs of some earlier States for the free stay of Pilgrims of their States / territory are called “RUBAT”. There are six (6) Indian Rubats   available which are 1) BOHRA Rubat; 2) BHOPAL Rubat; 3) TONK Rubat; 4) ARCOT Rubat; 5) HYDERABAD Rubat; & WAKF IMDADULLAH AL-HINDI. In addition to this, Madrasa-e-Saulatya is also available.

How many Indian Rubats are available in MadinahMunawwarah

Three (3). 1) BOHRA Rubat ; 2) BHOPALRubat& 3) TONK Rubat.

What is the capacity of each Rubat?

Depends upon the Tasreeh(licence) issued by the Saudi authorities.

How do I avail Exemption from the purview of Reserved Accommodation Scheme in MakkahMukarramah / MadinahMunawwarah?

Pilgrim who wishto stay in any of the Indian Rubats should obtain an Allotment Letter issued by the concerned Rubat Authorities and submit it to the Haj Committee of India within the stipulated last date.

What is the last date for submission of Allotment Letters to Haj Committee of India?

20th June, 2013.  Allotment letter received after the last date will not be accepted and the concerned Pilgrims will  come under the Reserved Accommodation Scheme.

What type of accommodation is provided in Mina?

Large fire-proof tents are erected. Many pilgrims will have to share one tent.

Is there any provision to get a separate room in my building of residence in MakkahMukarramah&MadinahMunawwarah?

No.Room size may vary from 1 to 20 persons. Pilgrims may have to share toilet / room / kitchen depending upon the size. There is no transport facility for Green Category.

How much accommodation space shall I get during my stay?

The space entitlement per pilgrim is 4 sq. meters (4 meters x 1 meter).

What is the meaning of parameters?

The distance of the buildings from the outer periphery of Haram sharief (not Kaba) in Makkah is called parameters.

What are the facilities available in the building?

The accommodation hired in the holy cities has all the basic facilities, as prescribed by the Saudi Arabian Regulations. No special quality/facilities are available in the buildings in MakkahMukarramah&MadinahMunawwarah.

What is the period of Haj Pilgrimage fixed for Haj – 2012?

Haj Period can be in the range of 30 – 40 Days (depending upon the finalization of the flight schedules by the concerned Airlines.

Is there any provision for shorter/longer stay, return through other airlines, halt of choice during the return journey or change in the flight date of return journey?

No.  There are no such provisions.  Round Trip Air tickets are issued by the Airlines.  Pilgrims should strictly abide by the travel schedule by the allotted flight on stipulated date & time.  Otherwise, they may face unnecessary hardship like the cancellation of Haj seat (in case of onward(Outward Haj journey)etc.




What is Outward Haj Journey?

Travel of the pilgrims from India to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is called Outward Haj journey.

What is Inward Haj Journey?

Travel of the pilgrims from Saudi Arabia to India after the Haj Pilgrimage is called Inward Haj journey.

What is Embarkation Point?

Embarkation Point is a place / Airport, where the pilgrims of the respective State / U.Ts. report for the completion of travel formalities and accordingly undertake outbound Haj Charter Flight.

At present, how many Embarkation Points are available in India? Please mention the names of all Embarkation Points with code (if any)?

21.  These are Ahmedabad (AMD), Aurangabad (IXU), Bangalore (BLR), Bhopal (BHO), Calicut (CCJ), Chennai (MAA), Delhi (DEL), Gaya (GAY), Goa (GOI), Guwahati (GUW), Hyderabad (HYD), Indore (IDR), Jaipur (JAI), Kolkata (CCU), Lucknow (LKO), Mangalore (IXE), Mumbai (BOM), Nagpur (NAG), Ranchi (IXR), Srinagar (SXR) & Varanasi (VNS).

Can a Pilgrim choose an Embarkation Point for himself / herself other than the one decided by the Haj Committee?

No, Embarkation Point is decided on the basis of the current residential address mentioned in the Haj Application Form and not on the basis of the address mentioned in the Passport.  The Pilgrims are compulsorily required to travel from their natural zone-wise Embarkation Point. Change of Embarkation Point is not allowed.

I have filled the Haj Application Form from Uttar Pradesh Embarkation Point and because of my service/job I am my residing at Mumbai with my family members. Can I go from Mumbai for Haj?

No, you can’t go from Mumbai. Embarkation Point is decided on the basis of the current residential address given in the Haj Application Form and not on the address mentioned in the passport.  The Pilgrims are compulsorily required to travel from their natural zone-wise embarkation points. All the flights arrangements are made based on the present residential address. Embarkation Point changes result in unused seats and loss.  Hence it is not permitted.

If the pilgrim wants his/her flight date information, what should he/she do?

Haj Committee of India dispatches Flight Intimation Card to the postal address of the Head of the Cover by post. If the pilgrim does not receive his intimation card then he should do as follows :

  1. Call at the Haj Committee of India, Mumbai.
  2. Call at concerned State Haj Committee.

Visit Haj Committee websitewww.hajcommittee.com; go to Pilgrims’ Inquiryoption and enter cover number.All the details will be displayed.

When will the passport with visa and flight tickets be distributed to the pilgrims?

They are given normally 12-24 hours before the date of pilgrim’s departure.

How much is the Airfare for Haj through Haj Committee of India for Adult, Child & Infant?

This will be communicated once the Government of India decides the Airfare to be collected from each pilgrim.

Infants: -         For infants between 0–2 years age (till 20.11.2013)charges are @ 10% of full airfare (as decided by M/O civil Aviation) and applicable taxes.

Adult & Child: -     The charge for Adult/Child Pilgrim for Hajis the same. The air fare to be charged will be decided by the Governmentof India.

Will the pilgrims traveling in the initial Haj Charter flights go to Madinah Airport or Jeddah Airport?

Pilgrims travelling in the initial flights shall be dis-embarked either at Jeddah or MadinahMunawwarah Airport as per flight schedule designed by the airlines and this information will be given to the pilgrims before the departure.

What is the date of commencement of Outward Haj Charter Flights for Haj-2013?

Haj Charter Outbound Flights (Phase – I) is likely to be commenced from 07.09.2013and will be concluded on 11.10.2013.

When the first and last return flight for Haj-2013 shall arrive in India?

Haj Charter Inbound Flights (Phase – II) is likely to commence from 20.10.13 and will be concluded on20.11.2013..

Should a pilgrim come to receive his passport; If yes, what are thedocuments he should carry?

The pilgrim should carry his pay-in slip and intimation card with him at the time of reporting.

Are all pilgrims in the cover required to be present at the reporting place for booking of flight and collecting passport & boarding passes etc.?

Cover Head or any person duly authorized on his behalf may complete all formalities and collect the travel documents etc.

How long is the stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

The duration of stay of the pilgrims may be 30 to 40 days and may vary as per the schedule provided by the airlines and approved by General Authority of Civil Aviation, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  This includes the dates of travel also.

How many Suitcases/Handbags should be carried on the journey?`

Two Suitcases having (Length + Breadth+ Height) =158 CMnot weighing more than 22 kgs. each and One Handbag of standard size (22” x 16” x 8”) not weighing more than 10 kgs.

What is the duration of the flight from the Indian Airport to the Jeddah Airport or Madinah Airport?

Normally the duration of flights is as per inAnnexure – 1.

Some times due to technical snags/bad weather which are beyond human control, the duration of flights may increase.




What will be the procedure after reaching the Jeddah or Madinah Airport?

Upon arrival at Jeddah/Madinah airport the HajMission Officials will assist in completing therequired formalities of the Saudi Arabian Governmental Agency. After this the pilgrim has to board the bus of the Moallim to his allotted accommodation either in Makkah/Madinah.  While doing so the passport of the pilgrim will betaken by the respective Moallim officials.

How much time will it take for the Pilgrims after reaching at Jeddah orMadinah Airport to complete theformalities?

Due to peak Haj season it may take around 5hours tocomplete the  immigration/custom formalities.

How much time will it take to reach the Makkah(Hotel) from the Jeddah airport?

The distance between Jeddah and Makkah is around75KM which may take 4 to 5 hours during the peakHaj season.

How much time will it take to reach the Madinah City(Hotel) from the Madinah Airport?

The time will be approximately 1 hr.

What are the rules with respect to the ZamZam Water? Should the pilgrim bring it himself or will it be provided by the Airlines at the disembarkation point at the time of arrival in India.

The Pilgrims are advised not to carry the ZamZam Cans separately alongwith them at the time of return from KSA.  The airlines will provide 10 liters of ZamZam Can to each and every Pilgrim at their disembarkation point.

What is the procedure of tagging of Baggage in the KSA?

From Haj-2011, City Check-in Servicehas been introduced.  Baggages of the pilgrims will be collected by the airlines from their respectivebuildings at MakkahMukarramah and MadinahMunawarrah 24 to 30 hours in advance of their flight departure and baggage tags will be handed over to the Pilgrims there itself.

What is the expected date of commencement of the return flights?

Return flights from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are expected to start     from 20.10.2013 and the last flight may return to India by 20.11.2013.

What is the Insurance claim procedure in case of loss of cash or baggage/belongings?

A Pilgrim who loses his/her cash or baggage has to approach his Indian Haj Mission Branch Office.  Assistant Haj Officer of the branch will scrutinize the case and present a report. Pilgrims have to approach the General Welfare Wing of the Indian Haj Mission main office at Makkah / Madinah and present the report. General Welfare Section will further process the case with all required documents and forward it to the insurance company for claims.Indian Pilgrim Welfare Fund has a mechanism to provide some interim relief for the Pilgrims who lose their cash.

What is the claim procedure in case of lost baggage/belongings?

At the time of departure/arrival from Airport in India and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pilgrims are advised to handover standard baggage to theconcerned airlines at the check-in counter for issuing baggage tags. Please insist on a baggage tag. Upon reaching if you find any baggage missing or damaged do the following:-

  1. Rush to the airlines lost baggage desk nearest to the baggage area.

  1. Show them the missing baggage tag to lodge a complaint.
  1. Fill in properly the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) and take a copy.

d)         If you do not get your luggage till the  last flight, file a complaint with the airlines directly along with all the relevant travel documents for the claim of lost baggage or compensation from the Airlines.

If the pilgrim returns to India by purchasing his own ticket, can he claim a refund for one-way air ticket?

Since charter tickets are non transferable, no refund is payable even if return journey portion remains unutilized for any reason.

Will I get assistance at Indian airports / Saudi Arabia airports?

Yes, the Pilgrims will be assisted by the Executive Officer and Officials of State Haj Committees and Social Workers at Indian airports and the team of Officers/Officials of Indian Haj Mission at Saudi Airports.

Will the Moallim provide me assistance in performing Umrah and Haj?

No. They do not provide assistance for performing Umrah and Haj rituals during five days of Haj.

During the Haj, will the passport be with me or with the Moallim?

As per Saudi Rules, passports will be retained by theMoallim on arrival in KSA and will be  handed over to the Pilgrims only at the time of departure at the airports.

What about surface transportation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Upon arrival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the pilgrims will be            transported to the Holy Cities by bus.

What are the documents that I should carry during the journey?

The following documents are compulsorily required:- Passport, Air Ticket, Immigration Card (embarkation &disembarkation), Health and Training card(HAT Card), Bracelet, Identity Card issued by HCoI etc.

What are the restricted/banned items during my Haj journey?

The import of Khash-Khash or Narcotics in any form into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is banned.All the Pilgrims are, therefore, advised in their own interest not to carry Khash-Khash or any commodity resembling these drugs with them during their journey to Saudi   Arabia.

Why are there are 3 parts in the pay-in-slip for the remittance of Processing Fee?

All the 3 parts in the pay-in-slip are similar. The  Bank copy will be  detached by the  State  Bank of  India  at  the time of  payment by the  Applicant  to the  Bank  Cashier. The  second  copy  has  to  be submitted to the concerned  State  /  Union Territory  Haj  Committee  along  with  the  application  form and the third copy is to be retained by the applicant for record purposes.

Is there any Processing Fee for the Child / Infant?

The Processing Fee for a child is Rs. 300/- each, while there is no Processing Fee for an Infant.

Are there any other charges for the accompanying Child / Infant?

A Child above 2 years accompanying his parents will be considered an adult Pilgrim and the full amount of airfare and Haj Amount has to be paid for him accordingly.

For infants between 0–2 years age  charges are @ 10% of full airfare as decided by M/O civil aviation and applicable taxes. The total Haj amount payable for Haj 1433 (H) – 2013 will be finalized later.

What is the meaning of the term INFANT?

For the Haj 2013, a child who would complete 2 years of age by 20.11.13 is termed an infant.

What is the meaning of the term CHILD?

For the Haj, any child between the age of 2-16 years comes under the category of child.

What can I do, if my luggage or money is lost?

You should immediately report the matter to the Indian Haj Mission Office located at Jeddah / Madinah Haj Terminal, MakkahMukarramah or MadinahMunnawrarrah, as the case may be.

Is there any provision of Insurance in case of Pilgrims proceeding for Haj?

For  the  benefit  of  the Pilgrims,  Haj  Committee  of  India  has  arranged  Group Insurance Compensation Scheme towards Accidental Death, Cash Loss and Baggage Loss. Pilgrims are advised to register their claims in the Indian Haj Mission Office .

Will there be any transport facility during my stay in the kingdom of Saudi                     Arabia, during Haj Pilgrimage?

The transportation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is made by the Transport Syndicatesince the Pilgrims have already deposited the amount towards transportation with the Haj Committee of India before their departure (which is included in the Haj Amount). Bus services will be provided to the Pilgrims for Jeddah/Makkah/Madinah&Mashaer Region as per Saudi rules.

What is the rate of Qurbani in Bank?

During last Haj, the rate of Qurbani was fixed at SAR 430/- by IDB. Pilgrims in their own interest are advised not to fall prey to any touts, asking for money towards Qurbani at a low rate, as past experience shows that such people run away taking money, without performing Qurbani and dupe the pilgrims. Pilgrims may purchase Qurbani ticket either from the authorized Bank or may go to the slaughter house themselves, for performing the religious rites.

How is the Foreign Exchange rate fixed?

Each year, the rate of 1 SAR (Saudi Arabian Riyal) in terms of INR (Indian Rupees) is fixed by inviting sealed quotations from various Banks. The work relating to distribution of SARs in cash to the Pilgrims at all the Embarkation Points is given to the Bank, who has quoted the lowest rate of One Saudi Riyal.

What is Health And Training Card? How it is useful to the Haj Pilgrim?

Health And Training Card (HAT CARD) is provided by State / U.T. Haj Committee upon submission of Passport & Pay-in-Slip of Advance Amount i.e Rs.76,000/- per head.

Every Pilgrim is required to carry Health And Training Card since it is mandatory to have Medical Check-up Report for the Pilgrims coming from India to Saudi Arabia for performing Haj. It is therefore compulsory for each and every Pilgrim to fill in the Medical History, get examined and obtain Medical Screening & Fitness Certificate from a registered Medical Practitioner, preferably from a Government Doctor. It will help the doctors/ para medics to diagnose the diseases and treat correctly during emergencies.

Likewise, it is necessary for every selected Pilgrim to attend the Training Camp and follow the guidelines / instructions given in the camps.The details of Training undertaken is required to be mentioned in the HAT Card.

Where and when do I get inoculated against Meningitis Vaccine?

Meningitis Vaccine is made available, FREE OF COST, by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) for the inoculation of Haj Pilgrims. The SHC makes arrangement for inoculation of meningitis vaccine normally at the training camps. For details selected pilgrims should contact SHC.Selected Pilgrims are required to get themselves inoculated against Meningitis at least 10 days before their departure date and obtain Inoculation Certificate on the HAT Card.

Is it compulsory for every Haj Pilgrim to get inoculated against Meningitis?


Where and when can I get a Dose of Oral Polio?

Pilgrims proceeding for Haj Pilgrimage are required to get a single dose of Oral Polio from their concerned health authorities SIX weeks before the start of their Haj journey. The SHC makes arrangement for polio vaccine normally at the training camps. For details selected pilgrims should contact SHC.